WATCH: Thief climbs a pole and steals street light in seconds

Image | @VehicleTrackerz /Twitter

Thief climbs a pole and steals a street light in seconds

A video of one of the quickest criminal acts, where a criminal steals a street light in a matter of seconds has been circulating on social media.

A thief in East London became the talk of the internet when he used his acrobatic skills to climb a street light pole, take the lamp, and then descend more than six meters before walking off with his stolen goods.

This latest tactic has shocked many on social media, who’ve asked themselves how this is all possible.

According to TimesLive, the video was taken on Sunday at Saxilby, Amalinda, through a nearby CCTV camera.

There have been no details of whether or not the thief has been caught.



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