Watch: Gogo Maweni reveals she went and spoke to the ancestors

image cred: screenshot
image cred: screenshot

During the course of the week, there have been videos of actor SK Khoza getting involved in brawls with people. In one video Khoza is seen hurling insults at a man who tries to calm him down.

People in the background are heard saying “It’s Shaka from The Queen.” In another video, Khoza is seen insulting a security guard and threatening to beat him up.

Tweeps have accused Khoza’s ex and baby mama Gogo Maweni of “bewitching him.” Gogo has come out to deny the allegations leveled against her and has revealed that she supported SK financially and emotionally.

In a recent Instagram live, Gogo said she is just taking care of her children and without mentioning any names said that “he” does not do anything for his child and instead spends his time partying.

“Guys, I cannot be held responsible for taking care of my own kids and making sure that my kids are provided for. If you guys want to call me names and call me a witch,”

“How would you feel? Would you actually not do anything for your child, you’re out in the streets, having the time of your life with girls and drinking.

“Anyway that didn’t really bother me, what bothered me was the fact that he thought it was okay and he can get away with it. That’s why I went and spoke to the ancestors,” said Gogo in the video clip.

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