SA salutes woman who revealed her Covid-19 status: “Speedy recovery”

“Speedy recovery”
A woman tested positive for Covid-19, but felt she needed to address the stigma it attracts.

by Claudio Leng

A brave woman became fearful after testing positive for the coronavirus. Despite her anxiety, she took the bold decision to share the news with the world in a series of social media posts. Twitter user Refiloe CM (@Fifi_CM) detailed her experience since contracting the deadly virus: “Hi, I’m Refiloe and I’ve tested positive for #coronavirus. I can assure you that I feel much better already after experiencing some mild flu symptoms. I lost my sense of smell and taste for a few days and that freaked me out, but it’s back now. Food tastes so good.

“I’ve opted to share my health status today, to combat the very odd stigma and secrecy that surrounds this virus. Everyday we’re learning about how it affects various individuals in different ways. The more we share, the less anxious we will be decision to open up about her health status could not have been an easy one, but her post served to inspire many.

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