Ramaphosa Condemns Covid-19 Corruption

In a letter addressed to the ANC, president Ramaphosa expressed his concern that the party remains alarmingly implicated in the corruption problem facing South Africa.  The president described the severe problem with corruption during the pandemic as “an unforgivable betrayal”, referred to the party as “Accused No. 1”.

“What has caused the greatest outrage is that there are private sector companies and individuals (including civil servants) who have exploited a grave medical, social and economic crisis to wrongfully enrich themselves. This is an unforgivable betrayal for the millions of South Africans who are being negatively affected by the impact of COVID-19, experiencing hunger daily, hopelessness and joblessness.”

“As the NEC has determined, we now need to draw a line in the sand. We need to act urgently; we need to be decisive and we need to demonstrate a clear political will. The time has come for the ANC to be unflinching in restoring the values, ethics and standing of our organisation.

“Our deeds must, always, match our words. We cannot as the ANC rightfully call ourselves leaders of society if we fail to lead the people in eradicating corruption from our own ranks.”  Ramaphosa implored the ANC to confront corruption and to live up to the legacy of freedom fighters of the past, like Nelson Mandela.

The ANC NEC acknowledged the public outrage at its last meeting. “It said these developments cause us ‘collectively to dip our heads in shame and to humble ourselves before the people’. The NEC recognised that it had a clear mandate from the 54th National Conference to deal decisively with corruption and to restore the integrity and values of the ANC. It said this is a responsibility it cannot defer, outsource or avoid. Now is the time, the NEC has resolved, to make a break with the past and to act.”

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