Mom hooks up his Son with different women to fix daughter-in-law who has a child with another man

Her mamazala believes she is not good enough for her son. So mamazala is setting her husband up with other women. But the makoti told Daily Sun she was not going anywhere.

She said she and her husband have been married for two years.

The 37-year-old makoti from Dawn Park in Ekurhuleni said:

“When my husband introduced me to her during umjolo, she asked him why he’d go for a woman with a child when he didn’t have one.

“I was hurt and thought she’d accept me as time went by.

“I was wrong. She became a monster-in-law.

“I’m so hurt. I really want her out of my house.”

“In March, she took him out for lunch in Eastgate and left him there with a woman,” she said.

When her husband returned, he told her what his mum did.

“I trust my husband,” she said.

But when she confronted her mamazala about it, she told her she’d find a good woman for her son as he couldn’t do it himself.

The mamazala set him up with another woman last month and this time it was with someone who knew the couple, she said.

“They had lunch and it seems my husband enjoyed it because he didn’t say anything about it until I asked him,” she said.

She said last week, she discovered that her husband has been chatting on WhatsApp with one of the women.

“I’m so hurt. I really want her out of my house,” she said.

But her husband (38) said he couldn’t let his wife chase his mum out as there was no one else to take care of her.

“Yes, she’s very wrong for doing this and I only got tempted once,” he said.

The mamazala (59) told Daily Sun she was not okay with her son being with someone who has a child. “She won’t be as excited as she was when she had her first child,” she said.

“She’s a good girl, just not good enough for my son.”

One of the husband’s uncles said he tried talking to the mamazala about this, but she won’t listen.

-Daily Sun

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