Masasa Mbangeni’s mom traumatised by social media claims the actress is dead

Masasa Mbangeni/ Instagram
Masasa Mbangeni/ Instagram

By: Poelano Malema

Mbangeni has become the latest celebrity to be falsely reported as dead.

The actress says she learnt about the fake news from her mother.

She shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and her mom where the mom said was woken up by a colleague who claimed the actress was dead after contracting COVID-19.

The rumour was sparked by a tweet Masasa wrote on Wednesday where she revealed that she is suffering from COVID-19 and hopes God keeps her until she gets a vaccine.

“I pray God keeps me till I get my vaccine . I’m so scared of this thing . I really got it quite bad when I had it , thank goodness I recovered at home but it took a while yhuuu,” she wrote.

Following the tweet, someone reported that the actress had died.

Masasa condemned the fake reports.

” People are so evil,” she wrote on Twitter.

Masasa’s mom said she was left traumatised by the fake reports.

“Got a frantic call from my mother who said she was woken up from sleep from a call from a colleague saying that in Facebook they say I’m dead from Covid because of this tweet . People don’t read for comprehension neh , now my mother must get a fright because of stupidity ugh,” Masasa wrote on Twitter.

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