Manaka Ranaka responds to rumours of stealing her friend’s husband

Manaka Ranaka Reacts To Accusations That She Stole Her Friend’s Husband.

They say all is fair in love and war. Could this be the case with Manaka Ranaka issue? A few days ago, the award winning actress was trending on social media after allegations that she is a home wrecker surfaced.

It is alleged that Manaka who recently gave birth to her son, ‘stole’ her baby daddy Ntuthuko Mdletshe from his wife Bronwyn Zungu. According to reports, she managed to befriend them with her celebrity status until she finally succeeded in snatching

Apparently Manaka used to be a big fan of baby daddy Mdletshe and his wife, Zungu. Tweeps revealed an old post, where she commented on the former couple’s picture saying, “My favorite couple.” Manaka was the dragged for days, with may accusing her of stealing her friend’s man.

After ignoring the issue for a few days, Manaka took to Instagram to break her silence. She posted a snap of of herself and her man and captioned it, “My favorite couple.” As expected different views were shared on the comments section.

There was one social media user who was not at all impressed and went on to say friends can’t be trusted. Manaka responded, “I don’t go around collecting stupid friends mina.”

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