Jose Maponyane, the center manager at Boulders Mall in has been suspended

Author and Ndebele activist Thando Mahlangu intends to take actions after he was humiliated at Boulders Shopping Centre in Midrand on Wednesday.

A video of the incident that Mahlangu posted on social has since gone viral opening a can of worms in the form of robust public discourse.

In the footage, a man claiming to be the owner of the shopping centre can be heard hounding Mahlangu – who was sporting his traditional isiNdebele regalia.

“We’ve got the right of admission. I don’t condone this in my mall,” he said instructing him to leave.

“It’s a public place… You are dressed indecently.”

The manager of the mall has reportedly been suspended but Mahlangu is unfazed.

“It’s not of any significance to me… I am going to take it further,” he says adding that he plans to go to court.

“How many people have faced this? How can they tell me I am not dressed [aapropriately] while I am wearing African clothes in Africa?”

IsiNdebele has been recognised for a long time – he adds.

Mahlangu critiques the prevalent use of English in South Africa adding that it’s resultant of the treatment that he has endured on two occasions.

“Currently in South Africa, most of our children are learning English at school. Their parents are speaking to them in English. How many people know their mother tongue?”

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