EFF demands justice in child rape case at George Mukhari Hospital

19.12 2011 Security guards back atb work at the George Mukhari Hospital. Picture: Etienne Creux

She said it was heartbreaking to hear about news of such a small child being raped and no arrest made.

The EFF protested outside the Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital on Thursday, demanding that an arrest be made in the alleged rape of a two-year-old at the hospital, reports PretoriaRekordNorth

Tshwane EFF branch Lefagatlhane Matjie said they wanted answers from the hospital on what its management had done about the alleged rape.

“We feel the hospital wants to shift the blame to say the crime did not happen at their premises,” he said.

“We want answers into this gruesome crime whether it happened at the hospital or not. Police and the hospital need to investigate thoroughly and find the person who did this,” he said.

“We also want the SAPS heads to deal with the officers who mistreated the family when they initially reported the case.”

Gender-based violence activist Lindiwe Masilela said: “The justice system has failed us drastically as women in the country. We want a maximum of life sentences to culprits who rape children. We need the government and the justice system to do more in protecting children and women.

“We protest every day to raise on this issue, but nothing is done. Should we take the law into our own hands?”

She said it was heartbreaking to hear about news of such a small child being raped and no arrest made.

“As women, we are tired of being abused and mistreated. We need the justice system to do more by delivering harsh sentences to the culprits who commit such crimes.

“We are saying enough is enough, we cannot be silent when a child is molested and there are no arrests. We demand justice.”

Meanwhile, hospital CEO Dr Richard Lebethe pleaded with EFF members and the public to give the hospital and the police time to investigate the crime and find the culprit.

The family of the child, who was admitted at the hospital for Covid-19 isolation last month, said she was molested while on the premises.

-The Citizen

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