Black Coffee switches Enhle off!

Black Coffee has lashed out at Enhl
Black Coffee has lashed out at Enhl

In the latest developments with Black Coffee and Enhle, the popular DJ sheds light on his ex-wife’s claims that he hasn’t been footing the bills.

Black Coffee has accused Enhle, his estranged wife of being a liar, and now he refuses to be quiet.

He also accused her of having a destructive lifestyle that is harming their children. Enhle posted a video on her IG story, making fun that their electricity was cut off.

“It’s not loadshedding, our electricity’s been cut off.”

She goes on to explain to her son what the concept “holding a candle is, laughing that if he were to go on a date and she had to tag along, that she would be holding the candle, because she didn’t have a date.

According to Sunday World, who recently reported details of their settlement:

Enhle’s demands included Black Coffee settle her legal fees of about R4-million, and included:
R131 000 monthly maintenance,
R17, 800 for her beauty expenses, medical expenses and a
R30, 000 for groceries and other household items.

Black Coffee also explained why the electricity got cut off yesterday (Monday 10th), and says he has been taking care of the household expenses since their separation, declaring an amount of R65 000 has been paid every month since November, along with a fully paid car in her name.

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