Biden urged to act as Lindani Myeni’s body returns home

Lindani Myeni
Lindani Myeni

The Honolulu Police Department on Friday released audio of the 911 call that led to the officer-involved shooting that claimed the life of 29-year-old Lindani Myeni

The call came shortly after 8 p.m. on April 14.

A woman is heard telling a dispatcher about a man who entered her home. She grows more frantic and eventually describes him making his way outside. Then, police officers can be heard in the background.

Attoney Bridget Morgan-Bickerton, who represents the Myeni family, says the 911 call confirms the incident was simply a misunderstanding gone horribly wrong.

“The caller does not mention burglary. I can hear a very calm peaceful conversation going on in the background between the caller and her husband or her partner, and it sounds like Mr. Myeni,” explained Morgan-Bickerton. “There’s no shouting, there are no weapons, there’s no attack. This was a misunderstanding. This was a complete overreaction. There is no way Mr. Myeni could have known it was the police, there’s very little time between the call and when they arrived. He did not know these were the police.”

Morgan Bickerton encourages the couple who called 911, to speak publicly about what happened.


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