Lady Who Used Her Panty As A MASK

woman takes off her panty and uses it as mask inside the store
Woman takes off her panty and uses it as mask inside the store

A woman was captured in a shop not wearing a mask and when concerns were raised about her being maskless in the midst of a pandemic, she resorted to rather unprecedented measures.

On a video doing the rounds on social media, she can be seen reaching below her long dress and pulling off her panty in the middle of a grocery store.

She took her black G-string panty and used it as a mask. The back of the G-string was used to her mouth and nose.

Not far from her, another woman can be heard justifying the unusual action of the G-string lady.

“Well personally I find it unacceptable, it is a mask and quite frankly I think the bacteria on her (panty) is less than on the mask.”

She also said well done to the woman for taking her pair of panties and putting using it as a mask.

Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi expressed outrage at a video of a woman using her underwear as a mask to protest against Covid-19 protocols.

Zozi shared the clip, calling it “embarrassing” and slamming the woman’s behaviour.

“What is it? Is it entitlement? That you’ve never been told in your life that you must do something or you must abide. All of a sudden you must deal with not getting special treatment. Is it that?

“How embarrassing. Just put your masks on or stay home. Geez!”

She later told the woman to “stop putting people’s lives at risk”.

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