Thuli Phongolo denies dating Master KG

Actress Thuli Phongolo and Master KG
Actress Thuli Phongolo and Master KG

By Tamlyn Canham

Thuli Phongolo is setting the record straight after rumours started to swirl that she is dating Master KG. The whispers started after the actress commented on one of the ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker’s Twitter posts.

It wasn’t long before tweeps were connecting the nonexistent dots.

“Master KG and Thuli Phongolo are allegedly dating,” one Twitter user wrote.

Thuli shut the rumours down a few days later.

“Apparently, I’m dating MasterKG because I commented on his tweet! Guys, please respect me!” she wrote on Sunday.

You would think that would be the end of the drama for Thuli, but it wasn’t. The former ‘Generations’ star received major flak online for adding “respect me” to her tweet.

Some thought she was throwing shade at Master KG and insinuating he is not in her league.

“That please respect me is you low key saying anyone whose ever dated KG doesn’t have some sort of “standard or self-respect “. Refrain from using the last line, akho need for such low blows, umuhle sisi but you ain’t Nicki Minaj Oe,” one woman wrote.

But Thuli clapped back at the comments.

“I love @MasterKGsa but we’re friends, stop it! Stop it lona!” she tweeted.

Thuli added in another post: “I mean ‘respect me’ as in stop spending baseless rumours! Hayibo nina, angisadlali!”

Master KG unbothered 

Master KG ignored the drama completely. He, instead, was focused on his coins.

“The exchange rate of currencies on Google will make you think you hit the jackpot until you exchange in real life,” he tweeted.

The record producer is still enjoying worldwide success. The video for his new song with David Guetta and Akon, ‘Shine Your Light, dropped in July.

The video has been watched more than three-million times on YouTube since its release.

Master KG is also celebrating becoming the CEO of his own record label, Wanitwamos Entertainment.

He shared the news on social media.

“I have big dreams about it,” he tweeted.

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