No to all social visits

Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, was emphatic on Thursday during the media briefing – social visits will not be allowed during lockdown level 3.  Bheki said that certain activities would remain prohibited during the 3rd level.  “I hope you will read regulation 33 very closely.  All categories permitted appear there, and visiting your friends, your peers, your girlfriends, your boyfriends, does not appear in regulation 33. If you’re not going to [do] those categories that appear in the regulations…you don’t [do them].  Social visits are absolutely not allowed under level 3.  I hope that question is well answered.”

Jackson Mthembu, minister in the presidency, was chairing the briefing, and seemed to say at one point that social visits would be allowed if the “need has arisen”.  “The way the regulations and directions stand now is that we can visit our family in the neighbourhood.  The problem is where we must go beyond the province where we live, or the district and the metro where we live.  For the purpose of visiting our families if there is a need, yet we can still get permits to go and visit our families if whatever need has arisen for us to visit them.” 

“We are not living in normal times.  These are not normal times.  These are Covid-19 times, where we need to take every precaution to save ourselves from infections and also to ensure that we also don’t become infectors ourselves.  I think what my colleagues have said, ultimately, we must all adapt to these times.  It cannot only be a government regulation and directions that will guide our behaviour,” Mthembu said. 

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