News: Dying in SA is expensive

South Africa is currently the fourth most expensive country to die in.  Citizens spend an average of R26 875 on a funeral, which amounts to approximately 13% of the average South African salary.  Japan is the most expensive country when it comes to dying with an average of 68,3% while Russia is only 1,3%. 

In the study by SunLife Insurers in the UK, the average cost per funeral was compared with the average salary to determine which country would be the least expensive to die in.  Justin Cole, the business director at Sunlife, said that attitudes and costs vary drastically with very little correlation.  “Unfortunately for us, or perhaps our family and friends, there are certain inevitable costs when it comes to dying: the costs of burial or cremation, on of course, the funeral.”

Cole noted that South Africa, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom were very similar. “In South African culture, it is normal for all pictures, mirrors and reflective surfaces to be turned around during the grieving period, and it is custom for immediate family not to speak during the funeral,” the report stated.



Rand value and % of salary


3,000,000 Yen

R486,000 (68,3%)


6,880 Euros

R139,225 (16,4%)


4,417 GBP

R99,000 (12,6%)


20,2000 Rubles

R46,300 (1,3%)

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