AmaZulu FC facing pay cuts

The Durban based AmaZulu have applied for various emergency relief funds to avoid staff salary cuts.  Club manager, Lunga Sokhela said that they have considered different avenues in an effort to ensure that players are paid in full,

“We’ve applied for the Temporary Employment Funds under UIF. The President (Cyril Ramaphosa) did speak about the R200 billion relief fund. We will be also applying for that. We’ve considered all the avenues and we are doing our best to try and make sure that we keep things afloat. For now, we’ve applied for those two schemes,” Sokhela said.

“We are doing whatever it takes to protect everybody involved. I think we’ve got a very good group of players that understand the situation for what it is. At the end of the day, the survival of the club is of utmost importance beyond this Covid-19. We are employed by the club and it allows us to put food on the table. There’s no use in straining the club and tomorrow you are at the stage where you don’t have a club. They’ve taken a very mature stance.”

With more than half a dozen matches to play, Usuthu still have a chance to climb out of their second from the bottom position. “This is not only affecting AmaZulu football club but it will also affect other clubs. We are doing this to make sure that we still have an industry tomorrow,” Sokhela explained.

At this stage it is still unclear when the PSL action will resume, and the PSL board is set to meet today to discuss a way forward.

“It is unpleasant times. The reality is that in South African football most clubs rely on the income generated by football owners through their businesses. If that income is not there it does affect the clubs. We understand that players have families to take care of. It is unfortunate that the club’s memo that was intended for our staff was leaked to the media.

“The reality is that we have to be responsible because after Covid-19 we have to come back to a functioning industry. It is a step taken to make sure that we stay afloat so that we can have football even after Covid-19,” Sokhela said.

Lunga Sokhela

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