Man flogged in public for attempting to sleep with his son’s wife

Man flogged in public
Man flogged in public

A 63-year-old man was publicly flogged and fined one goat for attempting to sleep with his daughter-in-law.

Reports suggest that Moses Oluka was fond of making sexual advances towards his son’s wife, who is staying in the same compound with him in Bukeade district, Uganda.

Fed up with the pestering on that fateful day, Alupo Jessica and her husband, Samuel reported to the clan head about the abuse.

The clan leader summoned a meeting with the clan elders to take disciplinary action against the randy father-in-law.
The clan elders then proposed to subject him to 10 strokes of cane, a fine of one he-goat and shs100,000.

The punishment was meted out to the accused on Tuesday, July 27.
In photos shared, the 63-year-old was made to lie flat on the ground, while an elderly man was lashing him.

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