“I Spit On His Grave Every Year” Woman Who Had A Miscarriage After Her Now Deceased Boyfriend Assaulted Her Confesses

“I Spit On His Grave Every Year”
“I Spit On His Grave Every Year”

In a bizarre development, a woman from South Africa who miscarried her baby after she was assaulted by her late boyfriend has confessed to spitting on his grave every year.

This comes after a certain influencer on Twitter, Daniel Marven started a thread and asked Tweeps to share stories of the worst thing their partner did to them when they were pregnant.

Responding to Marven’s tweet, a Twitter user only identified as Sithembile Ngwenya shared a heart-breaking story about how her late boyfriend beat her up until she lost her baby. She claims that after 4 days he apologized saying he was drunk.

“Beat me up until I lost the baby. Left me there on the road at night while it was raining. After 4 days he said “I’m sorry, I was drunk.” 13 months later after the incident he committed suicide. I still go to his grave to spit on it every 25th October. Now I’m nulliparous/sterile,” she wrote.


Sithembile who is still dealing with the trauma of losing her baby and the fact that she is now sterile revealed that every year on the 25th of October she goes to her late boyfriend’s grave to spit on it.

Sithembile’s story touched a lot of hearts. Tweeps sympathized with her and advised her to let go of all the hate and anger she has towards her now-deceased boyfriend.

In her response, she revealed that for the past 7 years she has been trying to pray about it and forgive her now-deceased boyfriend but she can’t find it in her heart to forgive him.


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