Indulging in fish can boost immune system

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Food is life and it’s that one thing we can all agree on.

Those are the words of professional chef  Mokgadi Itsweng.

Things are going to be a little different this Easter for most of us. We are definitely going to be missing the social element of cooking with the aunties and grannies during this time because of the lockdown.

Itsweng says fish and tinned fish are the best and most affordable options during this time.

She explains that fish helps boost your metabolism and immune system.

“In this time of quarantine, pickled fish could be your best bet because the vinegar in the fish preserves it for longer.”

The chef says pickled fish can be kept in the fridge for weeks.

“Pilchards you can have it in the fridge for a week or two, so it’s one of those you can keep in the fridge and keep eating. Because people are struggling with financing and quarantining, hake fish is the best one and it’s cheap and reasonably available.”

She further recommends people to indulge in tinned fish..

“Right now, more than eating anything unhealth, y you want to eat to boost your metabolism and immune system with omega oils. So fish packs that for you and pilchard fish for me really does pack it.”

The national lockdown in South Africa has been extended until the end of April.

As of Friday, the novel Covid-19 has claimed the lives of 24 people and infected 2003 people in South Africa.



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