KZN man accused of killing crocodile appears in court 

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More Load Shedding expected As Unions Reject Eskom’s 7% Increase Offer

KZN taxi fare increase from Friday

Mass funeral for 21 teenagers who died at Enyobeni Tarven

Mother of 6-year-old boy who died in initiation school claims the child was abducted

R Kelly sentenced to 30 years for sexual abuse

Police rescue elderly man from 3 children from a burning house in Northern Cape

WATCH: Moshe Ndiki bid farewell to his puppy Sugar in style

“Boko Haram” trio sentenced to an effective 128 years

15-year-old sangoma from Ndwedwe commit suicide after being suspended from school for her attire

Grandmother killed whilst her daughter and granddaughter were allegedly raped and strangled to death