A matric student went to school driving a Porsche carrying a Christian Dior bag

Mzansi learner
Mzansi learner

Being born in a rich or upperclass family is blessing and so is having a privileged life. Having almost everything you want and your parents being able to provide it for you is something you should be grateful for. This is the case with Luyanda Mhlalukwana.


Luyanda Mhlalukwana also known as yanda.woods on Instagram is a young South African girl living a nice life. She usually posts her day to day life just like any other teenager. Today it was her first day of school as a matric student and she started with a bang after going to school driving a Porsche.

Full picture.That is not all, she is also carrying a Christian Dior book bag and Louis Vuitton shades. Its not secret that Shes living most teenagers dreams of having a luxurious car and life.

On Twitter people are talking about it and aome are even envious. This started when one of her followers tweeted that “Eh that hun went to her first day in Matric driving a Porsche and carrying a Christian Dior bag?” She went ahead and shared a link to her Instagram page and she quickly became the topic.

Some people are happy for her. A tweep said “Driving a Porsche to first day in matric, wearing LV spectacles and carrying DIOR handbag “for book”??? Noways South Africans are rich rich! Love to see it.”

Obviously some people will say something negative like these tweeps who saying that she will be disrespecting her teacher and another person even went to the extent of saying “oksalayo sizofa sonke.” That was soo unnecessary.

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