95% Of Men I Know That Married Virgins Are Enjoying Their Marriage – BBN Neo

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Neo Akpoture
Former Big Brother Naija housemate Neo Akpoture

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Neo Akpoture has stated that the only women who make better wives are virgins.

According to him, wives who are virgins will never compare the sex life of their husbands to that of their past relationships and also would not have had an abortion or an ex-boyfriend which will cause any drama in their marriage.

This assertion from Neo comes after a social media user disclosed that a guy told her he will marry a lady who is green because he does not want to marry a woman with ‘borehole vjay’. The lady questioned men who are eager to marry virgins whether they will get new virgins to marry if their wives get pregnant and put to birth.

I know a guy who is not so big, pleaded with his virgin wife that he would not want childbirth to ruin their sex life so they made a decision to give birth to all their 3 kids through CS. They currently have 2 girls and one boy. We are marrying virgins, Talk about another thing, please.”

“Literally 90% of men I know that married virgins are enjoying their marriage. No exes to worry about, nobody telling you that you have a small dick and don’t last long because their exes had bigger dicks and lasted longer. No bitterness, no feminism, just pure love, and vibes”, he added.

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